We like to give our customers the option to chose the warranty that best accommodates your location and personal circumstances.

When purchasing a car from SJN, you will be offered 2 options. The National coverage option - provided by Warranty First, and the SJN 'In House/Return to Base' option. You are free to decide which best suits your needs, and the information below describes the details of both. There is a fee for the National option, while our in-house warranty is included in your purchase price if you decide not to take it.

National Warranty

SJN Motors are proud to be partnered with Warranty First Ltd

We recommend that all cars purchased from SJN take advantage of the additional benefits provided by Warranty First, as it assures peace of mind and National Coverage so you will be able to efficiently deal with any issues that could potentially arise with your car, local to your home or place of work. Further benefits include Recovery Assistance, Rental Car Contributions, 24 Hour Claim Line and many further benefits and full coverage details and claim process at the web site www.warrantyfirst.co.uk

This is available for £200 for a 12 Months Warranty with unlimited claims (Max Claim value of £1,000 per individual Claim). 36 Months warranty is available for £450.

The SJN 'in house' warranty

Included where Warranty First (National Warranty) is not chosen by customer, unless stated

We strongly advise any customer that is not able to easily return their vehicle to our garage in Northampton to purchase the national warranty above. However, it is not compulsory. You are still entitled to the complimentary SJN warranty, but we would like to kindly draw your attention to the following important information;

  1. The SJN Warranty which is our ‘in house’ warranty, means potential repairs are carried out by our own team of technicians in Northampton.
  2. It is a ‘return to base’ warranty. This means the car must be brought to us for repair. It is your sole responsibility to pay for any potential transportation costs and associated hire car needed.
  3. We do not approve repairs carried out by a third party. We also do not accept or reimburse receipts submitted for work carried out by such third parties.
  4. Modifications to the vehicle will void the warranty, unless prior written approval has been given by SJN Motors.

Our SJN Motors 'Return to Base' warranty is available without additional cost where the Customer declines the Warranty First (National Warranty).
The warranty type offered is based on the sale value of the vehicle:


Cars sold for under

  • 3 Months or 3,000 Miles
  • Return to base Warranty
  • Parts and labour
  • Engine & Gearbox
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Cars sold between
£3,000 - £4,999

  • 12 Months or 10,000 Miles
  • Return to base Warranty
  • Parts and labour
  • Engine & Gearbox
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Cars sold over

  • 12 Months or 10,000 Miles
  • Return to base Warranty
  • Parts and labour
  • Our Comprehensive Warranty
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Part Exchange to Clear Cars

Some part exchange cars we receive from customers are sold as ‘part exchange to clear’ (typically, low value cars). These are sold without any warranty from SJN and advertised as such.

Additional cover (available at extra cost – ask for details)

  • If you’re not satisfied with the level of cover provided with your vehicle, please enquire about upgrading your warranty.
  • Satellite navigation systems and in-car entertainment units; Up to £1,000 towards repairing or replacing any factory- fitted satellite navigation systems or in-car entertainment units (not including aerials, software and software updates).

Other Information (In house warranty)

Warranty work must be carried out by SJN Motors. We will provide a courtesy car in the event of remedial work taking longer than 24 hours, Courtesy Cars are provided subject to availability. The warranty is non-transferrable. To remain compliant with the warranty, servicing carried out elsewhere (i.e. not at SJN Motors) must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule. Evidence in the form of a detailed invoice must be provided.
Under The Terms of our Warranty, it is at SJN Motors’ discretion if parts need replacing, repairing or are fit for purpose.
Our SJN Warranty is a Return to Base Warranty which means that the car must be returned to our garage in Northampton for any Warranty work. We are not responsible for retrieving the car or paying for any transportation costs to recover the vehicle (Unless the failure has occurred within 14 days of sale and the car is not drivable)
Vehicles used for commercial purposes i.e. Private Hire/Taxi etc are excluded from our warranty.

Claim Limits
The claim limits for each separate claim is as follows: Bronze - £500, Silver - £750, Gold - £1000
If a car is beyond economical repair within 30 days of delivery and less than 1,000 miles have been driven, a full refund will be offered. Between 30 days and 6 months refund values will be a case by case basis, and over 6 months (if the vehicle is still covered under warranty) the current 'CAP Clean' (trade) price will be offered.

Dual Mass Flywheels (DMF)
Upon FAILURE of DMF, we will deal with your claim based on the mileage at time of delivery. Under 80,000 miles we will cover the full cost of repair (subject to the above claim limits), Between 80,000 and 100,000 miles we will cover 50% of the repair costs (subject to the above claim limits), and over 100,000 miles we will cover labour costs only.

An up to date list of covered items can be found here.

Consumer Rights Act (Oct 2015)
We are a Trading Standards approved garage and observe the latest laws and regulations regarding faults with vehicles purchased from SJN. Please read the below on faults and how they relate to second hand vehicles. One key point is that wear and tear items are excluded from the Consumer Rights Act and therefore, rejecting a vehicle for a wear and tear item that could reasonably be expected to fail is not likely to be accepted by SJN.

What is a Fault? (Under the Consumer Rights Act?)
SJN Deem a fault to be a major mechanical failure that would not be reasonably expected for a car of that age and mileage. eg engine seize, major loss of water coolant or oil (many cars burn oil as they get older and we define excessive oil burning as over 1 litre per 600 miles (this is normally listed in the cars handbook).

Is an Engine Management Light (EML), ABS Light, considered a Fault under the CRA?
No, an engine light (EML) can be reasonably be expected on used cars and this will be covered by our warranty for diagnosis and repair at our garage in Northampton in line with the warranty provided at time of sale. If the vehicle has over 100,000 miles when collected or is over 12 years old at time of collection, there are many items that could reasonably be expected to fail under wear and tear, we will always be fair with our warranty in these cases, however, we would consider it unreasonable to reject a vehicle in this category for anything other then a major failure listed above in our "What is a Fault?" section

Convertible Cars
Convertible cars over 3 years old are not covered for water ingress.

Warranty Claim Procedure (In house warranty)

Where a failure occurs during the warranty period/mileage, please call the SJN Motors garage on 01604 758088 (op2) to arrange initial assessment. We prioritise warranty work based on the fault severity, You can expect a date and time for assessment based on the severity of the reported fault (low priority items will be 2-14 days booking cycle) . The Garage is open Monday – Friday (8am – 5.30pm). Once initial assessment has been completed, we will either fix the issue then or order parts as required and rebook for the repair to be carried out.

If the repair is expected to take over 24 hours, a courtesy car will be provided subject to availability.
High priority is defined by any fault or defect which seriously affects the way the vehicle drives.

What if an item is not Covered by Warranty?

If something is not covered by warranty and is not a ‘wear and tear’ item, we offer a discounted rate for repair and replacement parts for the duration of your warranty period. Speak to us for more details.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are subscribed to the National Conciliation Service (NCS) which is the UK’s certified automotive retail Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider. As one of our customers, you are able to use the NCS if you feel we have not internally been able to resolve your complaint.

The NCS has been certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (TSI) as compliant with UK and EU regulations in respect of ADR