What can you expect when from the SJN experience? Let's walk you through our typical process and give you an insight into why we believe we are so different.....



When you arrive at SJN Motors you can browse our selection of 200 cars at your leisure. No pressure sales techniques or sales personnel following you around whilst you look. But, we are here to help too. Our sales team will direct you to any car you have come to see in particular, or help you find your next car if you have certain criteria.

Test Drive

Your car is your second biggest financial investment. You are going to need to drive it! Simply bring your driving licence with you and go have some fun! We will gladly come with you, if required, but in many cases our insurance allows you to take the car on your own. Get comfortable, collect your thoughts and drive it as far as you need to.


Once you have returned, sit down, relax, have a drink and speak to one of our advisors. Tell them what you think of the car. You may have concerns or questions. You may have certain requirements we can accommodate. We believe in friendly and sensible conversations. Finance is not an issue; we will create a package that is affordable and makes sense for you. If you decide to go ahead with buying your car, we will agree your requirements and confirm it in writing to you, including the agreed collection date.


Your car will go straight to our garage next door. One of our dedicated technicians will carry out the servicing work required and go through a systematic checking process. Our standards are high. We go over and above the legal tread limit for tyres. We take a pro-active approach to the preparation of your car. Our highly experienced garage team will decide whether components are worn and will give you trouble in the short to medium term. If they think they will, they will change them. This does not affect the price we have agreed with you.

Road Test

Our technicians are car mad! When they conduct the road test on your car, they will treat it like their own. They will listen, smell and feel every nuance to ensure they are happy.


Once returned from road test, your car will be MOT'd. This means it will be checked again and even more thoroughly than when it was prepared on our ramps.


Once MOT'd, your car will be brought back to our showroom and handed over to our valeting team. They will wash and vacuum your car, making it look and smell lovely!


Before you collect your car, our team will have prepared all documentation to make the handover process as efficient as possible. Don't worry about arranging road fund licence; we will help you with that when you arrive. Before you drive away, inspect your car for as long as you need to before you part with your hard earned cash! We want you to be entirely satisfied.

After Care

You may have a question about your car. Call us! We will help whenever we can. What if there's a problem? Don't worry, we won't leave you on your own. You invested and put your trust in us. We re-pay that with the best after sales support in the used car industry. Call our garage, make an appointment and let's get your sorted as quickly as possible. What if we need to keep your car for 24 hours or more? Again, don't worry; we'll supply you with a courtesy car until your car is back on the road.

We believe our process is the most friendly, thorough and transparent in the used car industry. Come and experience the SJN difference yourself.

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